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Welcome to the unofficial City of Alexandria, Virginia wiki. All are welcome! If you live, work, play, or visit the City of Alexandria and think of something that isn't written here that you think someone else might be interested in reading, this is the place for you.

None of the articles here should be construed as official City policy. Each editor's opinion is their own.

This wiki is all about the city of Alexandria, Virginia.Edit

Welcome home!

Many citizens of Alexandria are frustrated by the official City website. Three different navigational menus mean that it can be tough to find what you need there.

Many folks turned to Wikipedia to fill the void for a crowdsourced home on the web. However, some topics are just too narrow or too tough to source to fit the guidelines for inclusion in Wikipedia. For instance, people and businesses might have trouble getting their own pages there. Not here!

While we aren't concerned about how important an individual business or person might be, we do want everyone to continue to feel welcome. If you aren't an administrator, please do not start a person's page if you aren't that person and that person is not a public office holder. This way, ordinary citizens that want to stay out of the public limelight can retain their privacy.

Think when you post negative information about elected officials and have citations to back your assertions if you feel that you must make them. If they correct their course, please come back and update their page to reflect that. We want both sides of the story to play out fairly. We also want to make progress together in the interests of advancing as a city. Many times opinions are fine in the forum but inappropriate in an article.

Initially, we'll be harvesting relevant information from the Alexandria Wikipedia page and the Wikivoyage Travel Guide to populate this wiki. We can do this since contributions are licenced under a Creative Commons CC BY SA agreement. Everything that you edit here is, too. So don't share things here if you don't want to actually share them with the world.

As time wears on, we'll tailor the content to make it our own. Think of this as an iterative process, like a quilt. I'll add my square, you come along and add yours. The scope of this wiki should predominantly focus on the City itself, but entries from people that don't live here about content that people who do live here would appreciate is fair game. We'll have to feel out where the relevance borders are as time passes.

Edit all you want. Unlike a static website, a wiki is designed to be edited by many people.

Be as civil as possible. Don't post anything illegal, like material that is harmful to minors. You should probably check out the Wikia Terms of Use to see what is and is not fair game. Try not to get into flame wars.

Let's watch this grow together. Leave things a little better than you found them. If you provide citations, that's wonderful. If you can't find references, some content is better than naught!

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