In The X-Files, Fox Mulder lives at 2630 Hegal Place, Alexandria in apartment 42.

The Walking Dead comic book series features a protected area of Alexandria known as the Safe Zone.

Jim Morrison (from the band The Doors) graduated from George Washington High School in 1961.[58]

Death metal/grindcore band Pig Destroyer have a song entitled "Alexandria" on their 2007 album Phantom Limb, named after and about the city.

The movie Remember the Titans takes place in Alexandria and the cemetery scene was filmed at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Alexandria.

The first scene of the movie National Treasure: Book of Secrets was filmed at the George Washington Masonic Memorial.[59]

Scenes of the 1973 movie "Scorpio" - directed by Michael Winner and starring Burt Lancaster - were filmed around Glebe Rd in Arlandria, and in the old Alexandria Roller Rink.

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters lived some period of his adolescent life in Alexandria and has a song "Arlandria," somehow associated with the Arlandria part of Alexandria, on the album Wasting Light.

The guy who says "I'm rich, bitch" at the end of every episode of Chapelle's Show, Donnell Rawlings, went to T.C. Williams High School.

Megan Young, Miss World Philippines 2013 and Miss World 2013, was born in Alexandria.